Joint Use Development Plan

In accordance with the 2003 ROD Commitments, DOTD will prepare this plan to define the division of responsibility among the entities involved for the construction, operation and maintenance of each element of the project.  These elements will fall into three broad categories: transportation, mitigation and enhancement.  Based on statutes and on decisions made during the CSS process, these responsibilities will fall to FHWA, DOTD, LCG, APC and others, both public and private.  Transportation is I-49 and the other roadway and multimodal improvements that will be included in the project: Mitigation are those elements intended to reduce or eliminate conditions that would otherwise be adverse as a result of the transportation improvements; and Enhancements are those elements that all parties agree are reasonable items to include, but that do not fall into the other two categories.  These also could include traditional joint use projects in which a local agency or private entity arranges to use some portion of the right-of-way.

The JUDP will define these responsibilities and relationships.  A Draft JUDP will be prepared for the Preferred Alternative and presented at the SEIS Public Hearing.  Following the identification of the Selected Alternative, and based on comments received, a Final JUDP will be completed and executed.